Driving down the Extraterrestrial Highway through Nevada.

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why I wish I was my cat

  • free food
  • 20+ hours of naps daily
  • lots of chin rubs and cuddles
  • no school or work
  • extremely selective hearing
  • cute fluffy face

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A super important list of great importance

(In which I make some New Years Resolutions* a solid 2 months into the new year. Taking procrastination to new heights with me)

-Rock Hounding/Tumbling
-Sewing Projects (dresses?? plushies?) Look into local sewing café.
-Pick up my violin more
-Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Classes
-Learn to text back < 24hrs later.
-House decorating. Plants. New Rug. Office set-up. Mirror hanging. Entry table with cardboard mailboxes. Litterbox transfer. Garage clean/gym setup. Closet redesign. Over-the-toilet rack. Art supply consolidation.
-Pay off Grendel debt
-Tattoos! Cats/Bones/Dahlias
-More cat clothing. More black clothing. Style.
-Whale watching @Friday Harbor
-HarryPotterLand part deux. Roller coasters! Magic!
-Car clean. Buy air fresheners. Buy new car? At least air fresheners.
-Make doctor appointments. Go to them.
-Buy storage and transfer .CBR files to nook. Go to OCC & Danger Room more. Read all the comics ever.
-Workout. Train for half marathon. Pilates?
-Idaho to see babies.
-The un-lonely-a-fication of Grendel. Another cat? A dog?
-Save $$$$$
-Pay bills on time
-Garden. Plant some herbs. Lavender at least.
-Learn more card games/collect card decks.
-Write a book? Write down ideas for book. Develop some characters. Short stories…science fiction.
-Make use of my stress cupcake
-More human interaction with non-shitty people
-Glitter everywhere on everything

*I use this term lightly. This is more just shit I want/need to do in my life in the «relatively» near future


If a guy calls you princess in a condescending manner assert your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded.

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Say hello to my new favorite Goldblum photo


Say hello to my new favorite Goldblum photo

2am whatever

why does the description on the side of my 7up bottle, refer to it as “clean”

how can soda be clean — all it does is coat your teeth with loads of fake sugar. lies. all lies. 

whatever whatever whatever.

this post is not about 7up, even though it is. 

how to decode a person with an anxiety disorder




This is by far one of the most important things I’ve seen on tumblr because It describes things I was not able to

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resources for people with anxiety and those who support people with anxiety

All of these things! Though I don’t like thinking that those of us with anxiety (or depression, or PTSD, or any other mental health struggles) need to be “decoded.” We aren’t puzzles to be figured out, and everyone’s mental health map looks different. So while these things are useful and generally good to know about supporting folks with anxiety, I think it’s important to bear in mind that struggling with anxiety/supporting someone with anxiety can also look different than these things. But generally speaking, for myself, all of these points hit so much home. 

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"When a person calls a trans woman a man, it is an act of violence"

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